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Lustrum Update 25/11/2019:

If you were at the previous drink at school (as all the best people were), then you will have noticed one of our lovely active members standing on top of the bar with his trousers on his head, trying very hard to speak English…
For those of you who couldn’t quite decipher what he was saying, we’ve got a summary here for you!



Yes, that’s right… Thanks to one of our fabulous sponsors, Continu, we had the exciting privilege of choosing hertog jan OR innovum beer during the previous drink. The beers cost the same as a normal beer: one coin, €1.50 or, if you’re lucky, you may be able to sell your soul.
Secondly, on the 13th March, we will be hosting the lustrum GALA. This gala will take place in the ketelhuis at strijp-s and is set to be the biggest party innovum has ever had! We will have a very strict dress code of black tie, so innovum hoodies are not welcome at this chic party. The party begins at 6pm for people who receive an invitation. After 9pm, everyone is welcome!

Finally, the last lustrum event. This was the so-called “Victoria secret” event… no, there will be no underwear models, Thijs would have a heart attack. Now that the secret is out, we are proud to present you with an awesome engineering opportunity: THE POWER TOOL RACE. I hear you thinking, what the f*ck is a power tool race? Well, dear reader, a power tool race is a race with power tools. What is a power tool? A power tool is a tool which is powered by power. The goal of the game is to create a car of maximum 1m long, which will drive when you plug the tool into the power. You will be competing against other teams to try to be the fastest. For more information, you can check out the rules of the game which are lying around in the innovum room, probably right next to this copy of the InSide… Have you found it already? Good, now read the rules… Wow, this definitely sounds like something that you want to do! Send a quick message to your best friend, girlfriend and your mum asking to join your team… They’re also up for it? Awesome! Now the last step is to sign up using the website:

Once you and your team have signed up, you will be approached by the lustrum committee to make sure everyone understands the rules, and to discuss your plan for your car… once this is over, lets get building!!

The event is the 17th May, so you’ve got plenty of time to ‘beun’ your car together!