How do I become a member?

/How do I become a member?
How do I become a member? 2018-04-12T12:20:36+02:00

When you are enrolled in one of the representative studies of Engineering, you can become a member of Innovum. Are you not a member yet? Enrolling is done via a registration form, which can be found in the Innovum room. R1 1.218. After complete filling out the registration form, you can hand it to one of the board members or put it in the mailbox of Innovum, situated near the teachers’ room. For passive members the fee is 20 euros per year. However, you get a lot of worth for your money as you can see in ‘Advantages of membership’.

But are you interested in making more of the time you are a student? Check out ‘Active Membership”! All registrations are, either active or passive, of course without charge. The switching of membership or unsubscribing can be done at all times by sending an email to, where the secretary will handle your request.

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