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You might have seen one of our busses driving through the streets or a mechanic of Enexis installed a ‘Smart Meter’ at your place. However, it is not common to see our name frequently and likely that you don’t recognize the name of our company: Enexis.

Enexis Netbeheer, part of Enexis Group, brings energy where people need light and warmth. Our large and mostly invisible network supplies more than 3 million households and companies in the Netherlands with electricity and gas. With technical and social innovations we ensure that returning self-generated, sustainable energy is possible. And also that there is always enough renewable energy available. We do this with pride, customer-friendliness and the awareness that we only have one earth, which we have to cherish.

Start as Engineer!
The Enexis Engineering Academy is created in order to learn and develop graduates in the field of Project Engineering at Enexis. In two years you get the opportunity to learn on the job, gain theoretical and practical experience and follow additional trainings. The aim of the Enexis Engineering Academy is to develop you as an Engineer but more important to develop as a person!

The first year focuses on ‘learning the job’.  You will gain experience in the field with the foreman of a project to see how a project is executed. Subsequently, you learn how a project is prepared by colleagues that are responsible for the detailed design and formalities of the project. Insight in the processes of different departments ensure that you are able to effectively work together with the department ‘Realisatie’, concerning malfunctions and maintenance. You will understand the work of your colleagues and are able to translate this into necessities for an Engineer. During the second year the focus lies on ‘developing the job’. Together we will evaluate what is needed to develop you and ensure that you become the best version of yourself in the role of Engineer. Topics like ‘taking control in your career’, ‘communication’, ‘responsibility of a project’ and ‘leading a project’ are emphasized during this second part of the program. You will follow this program in the Academy-team, together with three other graduates and a personal coach.

Interested? Check the vacancy for more information https://werkenbijenexis.nl/vacatures/enexis-engineering-academy-e4036

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Jobs, internships & assignments
Enexis offers possibilities for internships and (graduate) assignments at one of our locations in the Netherlands. You can research a problem that is currently relevant at Enexis or we align the assignment or internship with your study and interest to get most out of your time at Enexis.

Do you have questions about the Engineering Academy? Are you interested in starting an internship or assignment at Enexis? We will consider proposals and ideas! Contact Jascha Caanen (Engineering Academy) via 06-20260716 or Jascha.caanen@enexis.nl. Check www.werkenbijenexis.nl for more jobs and other possibilities at Enexis.