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The assosiation is being driven by a lot of enthousiastic students, that want an extra challange and contact during there study. These students are divided in lots of committees, all of them have seperate tasks.


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Activity committee

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External Relations

In a study association as big as SV. Innovum it is crucial to have solid bonds between companies and the students. For this purpose SV. Innovum has a special External Relations committee. The committee makes sure that existing bonds with companies are maintained and new bonds are formed. This however is not the only thing we do, the most important thing we do is further strengthen the bonds we have created with the companies. We achieve this by organising a wide variety of lectures, excursions and company days. This way we get the students acquainted with the companies and sponsors and the way they work.


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Educational Support Committee

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Party committee

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ICT Committee

The ICT-Committee of SV Innovum is the newest committee of the assosiation. We make sure that all computers are working, developing the digital stripingsystem, the SV Innovum application and manage the website. As committee we are providing help to the other committees if they need help with everyting that is attatached to a plug

International Committee

The international committee of Innovum stands for improving the gap between Dutch and international engineering students at Fontys. In addition, the international committee is trying to involve the international students more in Innovum. To achieve this, the committee organizes events based on different cultures. The events are:

  • International Music Challenge
  • International Food Festival
  • Saint Nicholas

The committee also organizes an introduction week for the first year students who will take the international course at the Fontys. The committee aims at reducing cultural shock for the students and helps them to make new friends in the area.

Introduction Committee (Dutch introduction)

The start of a new academic year can only mean one thing: It’s time for the most awesome activity of the entire year: The SV. Innovum Introduction week. The introduction committee is responsible of organizing this week for all the Dutch students who start their bachelor of engineering. Also, to make sure the next introduction is even better than the last (which is basically impossible because every introduction week is amazing). The committee starts planning the next introduction week right after the previous one. A lot of committee members are needed to make sure the entire introduction week runs smoothly. If you are interested in joining this committee then you should talk to one of the current committee members, or just ask someone of the board. Who knows, maybe you’ll help to make next year’s introduction even better than it was before.

Public Relationships Committee

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Studytrip Committee

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Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering’s goal is to share knowledge and experience with any student who shares our passion for audio, light, and stage technics. We do this trough lectures and studytrips, and by making literature available to students. We also contribute to the available projects for every year of your education. Aside of these educational topics, we also have some extra-curricular activities, such as jamsessions, karaoke evenings and other events. For more info, please check out our website ( or mail us at [email protected].